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By Rich Barak, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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An Ohio man has been arrested after being found with an unloaded semiautomatic rifle, ammunition and a gas mask in a bag, law enforcement officials told News 4 in New York on Friday.

The man was apprehended by officers at the Times Square subway station near the A/C/E line, officials told the NBC affiliate.

New York Police Department officers, who were performing a station inspection, spotted the man as he took the unloaded weapon out of his bag and put it on the ground.

The officers approached the man, questioned him and took him into custody, News 4 in New York reported.

Investigators have not determined why the man was there, but officers found a loaded magazine clip in his possession, an official told the NBC affiliate.

The man told officials it was legal for him to have the weapon, News 4 reported.

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