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by Alex Weprin | HollywoodReporter.Com

Troy Warren

Genre shows and movies, animated shows from Bento Box Entertainment, and documentary fare are part of the initial 140 hours of Tubi programming.

Tubi, the Fox Corp.-owned free streaming video service, plans to launch a full slate of original programming in the fall, including content developed by Fox Entertainment.

The streaming service plans to unveil its plans and make its pitch to advertisers at its newfronts presentation next week.

For its initial slate of 140+ hours of content, Tubi will focus on originals in some of its more popular genres, what the company is calling “pockets of passion.” Among the launch slate will be animated programming from Fox’s Bento Box Entertainment (Bob’s Burgers), as well as original documentaries from Fox Alternative Entertainment. Other genres will include sci-fi, romance, thrillers, Black cinema, with Tubi CEO Farhad Massoudi saying that the company has developed a “content intelligence” engine to help decide what genres to explore.

Tubi currently has more than 30,000 movies and TV shows, and more than 40 million active users.

“Tubi has the unique ability to understand its audience, their interests, their curiosities and their obsessions which we call ‘pockets of passion.’ This could be anything audiences crave from rom-coms to Black Cinema, female-led dramas to anime, 80s action movies, and so much more,” said Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier in a statement. “That’s why Fox and Tubi together matter for you. We are simply building a new and better way to maximize advertising investment. Our future is together.”

Fox acquired Tubi a little over a year ago for $440 million, using proceeds from its stake in Roku. In March, Fox’s CFO said that Tubi’s ad revenue will eclipse $300 million this year, and that over time it should pass the Fox broadcast network in terms of ad revenue.

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