(CNN Business) Last month, some employees at L'Oreal's New York office learned they would go back into the office after months of working from home.
Employees CNN spoke with, who work in office jobs at L'Oreal across the country, asked to remain anonymous out of fear of losing their jobs.
The company said in a statement to CNN, "L'Oréal's plan to cautiously return employees to worksites is guided by one fundamental principle: to protect the health and safety of our employees.
Employees designated as essential workers in industries ranging from healthcare to retail have been reporting to work throughout the pandemic.
Now, employers are considering if and how to bring a new wave of employees back into buildings: office workers who have been doing their jobs from home for months.
Google, for instance, has said it will let employees work from home until next summer.
"Employees who refuse to return to work may be deemed to have resigned from their positions and/or have their employment terminated," she said.
In New York, L'Oreal first started bringing back office workers on June 29, according to emails the company sent to employees.
In an effort to keep her job amid the pandemic she acquiesced and continued to return to the office.
One assistant vice president who was scheduled to return to the office on Monday questioned the benefit of being in the office when meetings still take place online.
Difficulties with childcareMultiple employees at L'Oreal expressed their concerns for not having been given a clear path forward for those with childcare issues.
In its statement to CNN L'Oreal said that "we have empowered our people managers to be sensitive and accommodating to the unique circumstances of the individuals on their teams while also balancing the needs of the business.